Instrument: Drums

Bio: "Joined Poison Whiskey in the middle 90's during the forming stages of the band. I was enticed by the concept of a tribute band to the Lynyrd Skynyrd band because of my love for southern rock music and my experience playing it. I recruited my friend and fellow musician, bass player Dan Prince, whom I worked with previously in the Lifters." Band History: 1969 began playing at age 14 in first garage band 1973 1st gig at age 18 with band called Willow 1983 1st "southern rock" band (The Cole Younger Band) 1988 Kid Kurry Band which also was a band of considerable notoriety 1989 Renegade, a southern rock and classic rock band 1993 classic rock band The Lifters, locally known for its cover of Jethro Tull songs 1994 classic rock band Aftershock, local area 1995 Rampage, regarded as the area's premier southern rock band at the time

Gear:   Ludwig Drums