Instrument: Vocals

Bio: "I guess if I really thought about it, I started singing around 10 years old. My biggest influence in music came from my father. He has always been a big music person. He enjoyed stuff like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard to name a few. Bluegrass music too. Stuff like Mr. Bill Monroe, Ralph & Carter Stanley, Jimmy Martin and Lester Flatt...Great Stuff ! So, as long as I can remember really, I've had all this great American music around me. Great singers, pickers and a way of song writing I could relate too. Music written about the common man, and a simple way of life. Filled with our country's heritage. That's what I love!" Soon after that, I stumbled onto my older brothers albums and 8-tracks. Stuff like The Beatles, The Allman's, Cream, Johnny & Edgar Winter, and of course Lynyrd Skynyrd. The first time I heard Ronnie VanZant sing it was mesmerizing to me. The words and melodies were like the country music I grew up listening too, but the sound was rock. Different. Very distinct. His own, their own. I was a "sponge" to music in those days. I used to fantasize about being that guy, that band. (Ya know how you do when your young.) Sometimes I feel like I still do it. ha-ha They say the highest form of flattery is to copy, well I guess we do, but I really think it's because we miss it so much! It's what we do. We have a tremendous amount of fun when we play. Come out to a show sometime, you'll see. I've always believed that if we have a good time, the crowd will too! The music is already there. The "Bible" is written so to speak. We just have to interpret it properly. The "Poison Whiskey Version" if you will. And when you come, please come up and say hello. After all, we're all just one big family...a "Skynyrd Family", and what's more important than family and friends! I heard a story told one time of how Johnny Cash used to sit his little girls down when they were fighting and say " can choose love or you can choose hate....I choose Love". Well said Johnny .

Gear: Shure Microphones & Jim Beam