Instrument: Lead Guitar

Bio: My oldest brother had guitars around and was in a rock 'n roll band as long as I could remember. I bugged my folks forever for a guitar and they finally gave in when I got caught learning on my brother's left-handed Fender Mustang. That didn't set too well for them since I was a righty. That was about age 14- I never looked back. (It's a sickness.) Playing in various bands and venues in the Northeast over the years, I crossed the paths with various players. Rock, blues, jazz, country, whatever the gig was. There are only two kinds of music... good and bad. I got my chance to play guitar in Poison Whiskey when another guitarist left during the early stages of the band. Originally I was hired to play bass (and from another state,) so I guess that makes me the Ed King of the group. I play Allen's and Steve's parts. Now I'm Southern by the 'Grace of Guitar.'" 

Gear:   Gibson Firebird, Explorer, Les Paul
            Fender Stratocaster
            Guild Acoustic
            Mesa Boogie Amplification
            Whirlwind Effects & Cables
            TC Electronics Effects